More than just bail bond
premium financing.



BailRep is a whole new way of financing bail bond premiums. Our goal is to maximize your revenue by providing affordable financing options to each one of your customers.


Our mission is to support our extensive bail bond network, and to provide unparalled support to our industry partners, helping them maximize revenue by providing "no-haggle" financing options to each one of their customers.


Our vision is to make bail bond premium financing more accessible.

Market Leader

Founded in 2014, BailRep is an alternate financing provider specializing in on-demand credit for bail bond premium financing. The BailRep solution seamlessly automate and accelerate the financing process, presenting customers with a range of "no-haggle" payment terms at the point of sale. 


Our team has decades of experience in the bail bond and technology industries. BailRep rests on a solid foundation, and is well equipped to provide a dependable financial solution that many other financial firms do not offer. The lack of accessible financing options is why we created BailRep.