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BailRep interacts with thousands of consumers needing assistance with posting bonds every month. Our platform connects them with vetted, local bail agents partners.

Newly licensed bail agents can get paid to post bail bonds in the communities they serve.

Experienced bail agents can generate sales and earn more income and enjoy a steady stream of verified customers.

Why partner with us as a Partner Bail Agent?

poating bail agent work
Work when you want
We'll only send you posting jobs when you're available
posting bail agent pay
Earn great money
Make $50 per bond posted
posting bail agent career
Gain valuable experience
Get to know your local market

The Posting Bail Agent role has given me the most flexibility a job can possibly provide while offering great pay. I've lived in Baltimore for over 10 years but with this position I've gotten to explore so many parts I've never seen. To top it off, I've helped countless people secure their loved ones freedom!

Jamie Hylton

Baltimore, MD Posting Bail Agent

Why work with us as a Partner Bail Agency?

partner bail agent work
Increase bond contracts writtten
Access serious referrals and verified leads.
parter bail agent pay
Distinguish yourself
Join Bail Agents who get exclusive access to the BailRep platform.
partner bail agent career
Develop more opportunities
Stay or start your own agency while building client and industry relationships.

The quality of the referrals are very good. What I really like about the BailRep platform is that most people answer the phone and I have a good conversation with just about everybody. Putting aside my sphere of influence, these are the best warm leads I've received from anywhere.

Liza David, Agency Owner

Liza David Bail Bonds Hartford, CT

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Partner Bail Agent

We’re looking for bail agents who will work to secure the release of individuals in custody in their local market.

  • Active bail agent license or eligible to obtain a bail license (In the state which you will be employed)
  • Must be willing to work any shift to support our 24 hour operations including: weekends, holidays and graveyards
  • Customer focused, and ability to deploy a strong sense of urgency and problem solving skills.
  • Member of your state bail agent association or PBUS.

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Partner Bail Agency

We're looking for expert partner bail agents or bail bond agencies who can provide the best experience for customers referred by BailRep.

  • Full-time bail bond agents with active license
  •  25+ bond contracts per month in local market
  • 3+ years experience in your current market area
  • Positive online Google and/or Yelp reviews and ratings from previous clients
  • Strong track record with converting bail bond referrals

Join an elite group of local Partner Bail Agents

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What are the responsibilities of each role?

For Partner Bail Agents, we're looking for licensed agents who want to kickstart their careers by providing on-the-ground customer service to people by touring homes in their area. Responsibilities include:

  • Accept or reject new bond posting requests sent to you based on your availability
  • Travel to jails and or courthouse to process bail bonds
  • Perform bail posting services promptly and with diligence
  • Communicate any customer feedback to the BailRep Team
  • Ability to generate sales and achieve sales goals
  • Assist BailRep with all local requests

For Partner Bail Agencies, BailRep interviews all candidates to ensure they operate in accordance with our partnership principles: customer first, transparency, and accountability. Once we have an agreement in place, we require:

  • Upfront and ongoing training on BailRep loan products and policies
  • Contact with all referred customers within 1 business hours of receipt
  • Travel to jails and or courthouse to process bail bonds
  • Frequent status updates to BailRep on referred customers
  • Positive ratings and feedback from referred customers
  • Administer bond paperwork and assist BailRep with all requests
Do I have to work with BailRep?

Partner Bail Agents are required to work exclusively with BailRep.

Partner Bail Agencies are not expected to work for BailRep. This program is a agency-to-agency client referral partnership and is supplemental to your existing agency affiliation. You will need permission from your existing agency in order to join.

How much will this cost?

For Partner Bail Agents, we do not charge anything to join the program but you will be responsible for your own association and PBUS dues.

For Partner Bail Agencies, we do not charge anything to enter the program, and there is no upfront cost for referrals. BailRep is committed to partner relationships that foster mutual benefit and market share growth.

Partner Agents only pay a referral fee to our agency if they write a bond contract with a referred customer. The fee is a percentage of the agent's commission and will be specified in the partner agent agreement.

What types of referrals will I receive?

Partner Bail Agents will not receive any referrals from BailRep. This role is limited to receiving and posting bond requests in your area.

For Partner Bail Agencies, types of referrals—quotes for bail bonds, bail bonds loan requests, or both—will vary by market. Actual volume by referral type may vary over time.

Note: We do not distribute leads. We only send quality referrals who express interest in working with a top-rated partner bail agent to finalize their bail bonding transaction.

May I send referrals to other agents?

Partner Bail Agents will not receive any referrals from BailRep. This role is limited to receiving and posting bond requests in your area.

Partner Bail Agencies may not send referrals to other bail agents unless they receive explicit permission from BailRep. This is to maintain transparency and accountability for each referral made.

How many Partner Agents do you have in each market?

For Partner Bail Agents, the number of agents varies by market and the amount of bond posting demand we're receiving. As a Posting Bail Agent you can work as little or as much as you want and we try to balance the number of agents with demand to keep everyone as busy as they want to be.

For Partner Bail Agencies, the number of agents also varies by market. This depends on the quantity of referrals generated and the number of applicants who pass our quality standards in each market.