Write more bonds that are worth more money.

BailRep is a digital lending platform that is built to save you and your customer’s money. We’ve eliminated credit cards and prepayment penalties, and cut out middlemen with the goal of delivering the lowest monthly payment in the least amount of time. That means less time spent haggling with customers to make bail bonds affordable, and more time spent building your business.

How BailRep Works

Simply have your customer fill out our online application form. They’ll know instantly whether they qualify for a loan, and will be shown the monthly cost of the bail bond. They can complete the process whenever it’s ready.

What Happens Next

Funds are deposited instantly into your customer's account via ACH. No more chasing customers down for that next payment—which means no more worrying about cash flow. You get paid upfront!

Why BailRep?

BailRep is a digital lending platform. The goal is the lowest monthly payment for your customers. We do this by offering: the lowest rates from 2.49% for up to 5 years, highest approvals in the industry (fewer finance turndowns), plus no dealer fee lending options from 600+ FICO scores, and more.

Common Bail Agent Questions

The median bail amount is $10,000. In the state of California, the median bail is $50,000. Additionally, 46% of American adults say they could not cover an emergency expense costing $400. Offering bail bond financing enables you to close more sales and earn more money on every bond. By translating a high, expensive bail bond into a low monthly payment, you’re less likely to lose sales because of pricing, and you’re less likely to see customers haggling with you over costs. Quite simply, offering bail bond financing can help you to grow your business.

Here are some of our most current programs for Bail Bondsmen and Bail Agents. Please speak to your sales rep for more details.

Base Program
  • No Dealer Fee Options
  • Rates start as low as 2.49%
  • Terms options are 6 months, 1, 3 or 5 years (lowest monthly payment)
  • No prepayment penalties

BailRep was founded by an entrepreneur who knows firsthand the power of financing, as well as the damage fees can do to your customers’ pocketbooks. There are other important benefits for bail agents:

  • Longest Terms: Our lenders also offers the longest payment options – up to 5 years.
  • Lowest Rate: rates start as low as 2.49%.
  • Maximum Loan: our lending partners offer up to $100,000 loans for qualified applicants.
  • Higher Approval Rates: our lending platform has one of the highest approval rate in the industry.
  • Fast and Direct Payments: same day* or next day funding via ACH to borrower's bank account.
  • New Programs: we are adding new financing programs to help you write more bonds for your customers!

Our lenders will deposit the funds into the applicant's bank account via ACH within 24 hours after all documents are signed and recieved. You will receive emails daily updating you on the status of your customer's application. It’s simple, fast and easy. No more collection calls and chasing clients for payments.

By using BailRep, you are giving your customers options to pay for bail bonds with financing. Your customer will apply online using our online application form and a decision is generated in seconds. Once approved, you can complete the transaction with your customer from our easy-to-use portal. Electronic documents will be sent via email and your customer can sign electronically – we are fully paperless. Your customer won’t get any bills for a month or so after.

The enrollment is a simple form that takes 2 minutes. We can have you writing bail bond loans the same day. Enroll Today!

It'simple! Your clients can apply at BailRep.com. The second option is that we can supply you with a link or button for you to add on your website. Finally, your salespeople can provide a link or tablet during in-person visits.