Bail Bond Lead Generation Services

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Connect with more clients and grow your bail bond business with our lead generation platform.

How does it work?

The lead generation process is quite simple. Essentially, there are only 4 steps:


We acquire leads - We obtain high quality leads from people looking to post bail for a loved one. When people have a legal problem, one of the first things they usually do is search for information on the Internet. At BailRep we have websites with useful content, covering bail bonds.


We get the details of the case - BailRep provides you with a complete profile of each prospect’s case so you can start a conversation that will make your prospect want to engage. BailRep will share the county jail location, defendant's name, name of the family member requesting help, verified phone number, and more.


Personalized Follow-Up - Like a personal assistant working on your behalf, BailRep will text your leads for you. Each lead will receive timely, valuable, and relevant messages that spawn conversations about posting bail.


We send you the details directly - Once we obtain all the necessary information from the client, we send you an email with all the details, so that you can get to work.



Automated emails that fills your pipeline with continual business.



Create business or individual accounts for each bail agent.



Simple sign-up and same day setup. 100% managed for you.

BailRep focuses on bringing in real-time, high quality leads for bail agents.

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We make it easy to generate leads and build a pipeline of prospects fast by giving you all the bail bond leads you need. We manage everything, so you can post more bonds.

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