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There are 3 ways to post bond at the East Baton Rouge Parish Jail.

  • Bail is a form of security. It is an amount of money the defendant or a person bailing the defendant out of jail promises to pay the court should the defendant fail to appear on any date set by the court.
  • Within 72 hours (not counting weekends or holidays) of arrest and detention in jail, defendants are brought before a judge to be advised of their rights and for the setting of bail.
  • The defendant can post bail, friends and relatives may post bail, or a commercial bail bonding company may post bail.
  • Bail may be posted as actual cash deposited with the court, or may be in the form of real estate of the same value being promised to the court, or may be posted by a legal contract to pay by an individual or commercial bail bonding company.
  • If the defendant fails to appear for court, the person who posted the bail with the court has six months to locate the defendant and bring him into court. After six months, the bail which was posted becomes the property of the court. Steps will be taken by the court to collect the cash, seize the property and assets promised, or garnish the wages of persons who have obligated themselves to the amount of the bail.
  • The 19th Judicial District Court has a Bail Bond Project on the third floor of the new 19th Judicial District Courthouse to assist persons with bail and bail bond questions.
Prisoners are maintained by the Sheriff of East Baton Rouge at the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison, 2867 Brig. General Isaac Smith Boulevard Scotlandville, LA 70807 - Phone: (225) 355-3311. A current directory of prisoners in parish prison is maintained on the Sheriff’s website at:

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If you ever find yourself in need of a Baton Rouge bail bond loan, we can help. Our lending partners help families finance their loved ones' release from the East Baton Rouge Parish Jail by providing emergency bail loans up to $5,000 for posting jail bonds and bail bonds in Baton Rouge. Through our surety lenders, we are able to provide you with various installment payment plans if you need a bail bond loan.

Anyone can apply online for an emergency bail bond loan and have an affordable bail bondsman in Baton Rouge post bond for their loved one freedom. Once your form is completed, it will be reviewed by several bail bond lenders. Our lenders will reach out to you to clearly explain the terms of your bail bond financing.

With bail bond installment plans, cash for bail bonds and cash only bonds are now accessible. Repayment options include credit card, debit card, personal check and electronic bank withdrawal.

Our cheap bail bondsman in Baton Rouge are knowledgeable about posting bail and jail bonds at the East Baton Rouge Parish Jail. One, three, five and ten percent bail bonds may be offered based on the case, a qualified co-signer and collateral may be required. Bail bonds without collateral are also offered. Thousands of families rely on our lending partners and our local bail bondsman to post low cost bail bonds online, in-person, or over the phone. We serve bail bond loans in Baton Rouge's zip codes 70801, 70802, 70805, 70806, 70807, 70808, 70809, 70810, 70811, 70812, 70814, 70815, 70816, 70817, 70818, 70819, 70820, 70825, 70827, and 70836.